California Conrad 30 Program, HPSA and MUA designations, and the O-1 visa - J1 Visa Waivers
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California Conrad 30 Program, HPSA and MUA designations, and the O-1 visa

Are Conrad 30 Waivers available for California this fiscal year (October 2007-September 2008)? 

California, my home state, has availability for seven Conrad 30 positions this fiscal year.  The availability of Conrad 30 waivers this late in the fiscal year is unusual and does reflect the normal demand for California Conrad 30 waivers.  If you will apply for the Conrad 30 waiver before the fiscal year ends, you should be prepared to commence employment before the year ends.

HPSA and MUA designations and treating the Homeless

States do have some discretion in evaluating HPSA and MUA designations and it is important that you determine the state’s methodology in determining whether the health care facility falls within a underserved area at the the very begininnig of the waiver process.  While California’s interpretation of HPSA and MUA designations are not unusual,  some states also allow physicians to work at health care facilities that receive 330 funding from the federal government.  There are three primary HPSA designations that California recognizes as a HPSA location for the Conrad 30 waiver.  The three designations are the following:  Geographic location, Federally Qualified Health Center and by Population Group.  In the great state of Texas, if the Health Care Facility is receiving 330 funding the physician can work for any health care facility that receives this type of funding as long as the physician will be employed to serve the health care facility that receives 330 funding.

What do you do if your J-1 visa will expire before you are able to apply for a waiver? 

If you have expertise in your field the O-1 visa is an excellent option for physicians.  By utilizing this option you also would not be subject to the J-1 two year home residency requirement when you apply for the O-1 visa at the U.S. Embassy (consular processing).

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