Waiver of Section 212(e) for a Client on a J-1 Visa from Lebanon

Hardship Waiver approved for Client on J-1 Visa from Lebanon

212(e) Hardship Waiver Success Story for J-1 Visa

  • Date filed: 04/17/2018
  • Date approved: 12/12/2018

Client is a professional from Lebanon. Client is married to a United States Citizen and the couple recently had a baby in the U.S. Client entered the U.S. as a J1, subject to the two year home residency requirement.

The Ranchod Law Group filed for a hardship waiver so client could remain in the U.S. with her American spouse and child, under Chapter 45 Waiver of Section 212(e) Foreign Residence Requirement, (45.3 – Waiver Based on exceptional hardship to U.S. Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident Spouse or Child).

The case was based mostly off of arguments concerning the hardship inherent to the family’s relocation to Lebanon due to country conditions.

In order to win the case, The Ranchod Law Group argued the American spouse and/or child would suffer exceptional hardship if Client returned to Lebanon without her family to complete her home residency requirement. To support this part of the case we argued exceptional emotional hardship – hardship to the American spouse’s mental health.

We are so happy Client will be able to remain in the U.S. with her American spouse and child. Client’s next step, now that she is no longer subject to the home residency requirement, will be to apply for a marriage based greencard.

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