A J1 Visa Waiver can make a big difference in your life
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How a Waiver Can Change Lives

Let me tell you a story about one of my recent cases.

My client, Dr. Doe*, is a doctor-in-residency, as is his wife. The two have a baby and take turns caring for him. Because they both work long hours and have no family nearby, they are responsible for his childcare. They do not have anyone else to take care of their baby and cannot afford childcare.

However, Dr. Doe was required to return to his home country for 2 years to complete his home residency, a requirement of a J-1 visa. How would Dr. Doe’s wife be able to continue her work and care for their baby while he was gone?

Fortunately, our staff at The Ranchod Law were able to help.

We filed a Waiver application including a detailed legal brief on Dr. Doe’s behalf, showing the exceptional hardship his family would suffer if he were required to return to his home country. After several more steps, we were able to gain approval for an exceptional hardship waiver of the home residency requirement.

Stories like these happen every day. Luckily, Dr. Doe knew who to turn to, and his situation allowed for a Waiver to be granted. But what about other foreign medical professionals who do not have the same experience?

Another type of waiver, the Conrad 30, allows foreign medical doctors to avoid the 2-year residency requirement. The Conrad 30 Waiver is contingent on an offer of full-time employment from a healthcare facility that falls in a shortage area.

If you are part of a healthcare facility that fits this category, or you know one that does, you might consider being part of the Conrad 30 program. We are happy to talk with you about Waiver types if you have questions – at call our office or send an email now!

Disclaimer: The testimonials, case results and/or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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