J-1 Hardship Waiver Letter of Approval and Success Story
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J-1 Hardship Waiver Letter of Approval and Success Story (Approval Date 06/24/2020)

J-1 Hardship Waiver Letter of Approval (Approval date. 06/24/2020)

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  • Filed: 01/30/2019
  • Form I-613 Sent by USCIS to DOS on 01/06/2020
  • DOS Favorable recommendation on: 06/23/2020
  • USCIS Approval: 06/24/2020

At the time The Ranchod Law Group applied for this exceptional hardship waiver, the client had been in the United States for six years. He has two children born in the U.S.

The Ranchod Law Group argued that one child had an established medical history of respiratory distress and Egypt is notorious for its history of very poor air quality. We also argued that compounding the issue of air quality in Egypt is the lack of adequate medical care.

Also, the children spoke and were exclusively spoken to in English. As a consequence, the relocation of the family would result in exceptional educational and social hardship for the children.

We also argued that because of his low prospective salary in Egypt client wouldn’t be able to provide adequate support for his children abroad. Based on all these factors we were able to build, document, and argue a successful case for the client.

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