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J Visa Success Story

J Waiver Hardship Approval Based on U.S. Citizen Child

Filed: May 26, 2015
Approved: November 9, 2015

Client and his family are from a Middle Eastern country. Client entered the U.S. on a J visa with his wife on a J-2 visa. While in the U.S. the couple had their first child. The child is now a healthy well adjusted preschool age child and the client did not want to return to his home country. We focused our arguments on conditions in the home country including safety issues, the poor educational system, and the unavailability of comparable medical care. Also, in his home country client would barely be getting by financially but here in the U.S. client commanded a very good salary. Our firm worked very hard researching and writing the legal brief to present the very best case possible. Now client can continue his career with his family in the U.S.

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