J-1 Harship Waiver Approval with 212(e) approval notice: a success story
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J-1 Hardship Waiver Approval for a Dominican national

212(e) hardship waiver approval – Ranchod Law Group

A 212(e) Hardship Waiver Success Story

Our latest success story here at the Ranchod Law Group comes from a Dominican national who was faced with having to go back home without her United States -born husband and child because of her two-year residency requirement. The client sought our services as she had filed the Waivers on her own, but did not complete it by sending the necessary forms and documents to the Department of State ( Department of State Department of State (DOS) ) as well. Within weeks, we prepared a compelling statement of reason to show why separation from her family was not feasible–and also why her family relocating with her to the Dominican Republic would have resulted in exceptional hardship . We identified exceptional hardship s to our client’s husband, showing that he would be financially unable to provide for their two children, and our client in the Dominican Republic. Additionally, one of her children was diagnosed with autism, and we demonstrated why he would suffer exceptional hardship if his mother were to relocate back to her home country.

After about 4 months of anxiously waiting, we received the approval from the Waiver Review Division of the Department of State (DOS).

The client, her husband, and their children are now able to remain together in the United States where their son can get the specialized attention he deserves.

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