Fear of Persecution Waiver With Government Funding, J1 Visa Waivers
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Persecution Waiver With Government Funding

This is Kaushik Ranchod from the Ranchod Law Group and today we’re going to talk about fear of persecution and government funding. We’ve recently got a case approved, where the client received government funding. It was Fulbright Government Funding yet we were able to still obtain an approval.

In this situation the client would face significant persecution if they would have returned home. In this instance they were even interrogated by their home country during the last entry. They came back to the U.S. – If they were going to go back we were able to make arguments that if they were going to return to their home country, serious harm could occur to them. In such cases, especially fear of persecution are very serious because in many instances our clients life is at risk.

Here at Kaushik Ranchod, we take this very seriously but it is possible to get a fear of persecution waiver if the correct legal arguments are made and of course you meet the standard for this waiver.

I invite you to contact our office to find out more about whether you would qualify for an extreme hardship J1 waiver or a fear of persecution. We’ll start the conversation to see if we can be of assistance and how we could help you – perhaps we may not be able to help you, maybe you shouldn’t apply.

Give us a call now at (916) 613-3553 or write to us and describe your case – one of our immigration attorneys will be in touch once we have examined your case.

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