HUD J-1 Waiver Approval Policy 1996 - J1 Visa Waivers

HUD J-1 Waiver Approval Policy 1996

HUD J-1 Waiver Approval Policy

Date:     December 13, 1996

To:     All Interested Parties
From:     Henry G. Cisneros
Subject:     J-1 Waiver Approval Policy
Thank you for your interest in the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s J-1 waiver approval policy. This is to inform you that the moratorium on new submissions announced on August 26, 1996 has been continued indefinitely. This moratorium has also been extended retroactively to include all applications which were in the possession of the Department prior to the moratorium of August 26, 1996.
Due to reduction in the departments staffing levels and the necessity to coordinate oversight responsibilities, the Department of Housing and Urban Development will not accept J-1 waiver applications for approval until further notice. The Department is also taking this action based on a General Accounting Office (GAO) review of the J-1 program administered by both federal and state governments.
We regret any inconveniences or hardship this may create.

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Memorandum to:     J-1 Waiver Interested Parties

From:     Paulette Porter, Deputy Assistant Secretary
Office of Intergovernmental Relations
Date:     August 26, 1996
Subject:     Moratorium on HUD’s J-1 Waiver Policy
This is to inform you that the Department’s J-1 Waiver request policy is currently under review and that previous memoranda on this policy is no longer in force. Please be advised that any J-1 waiver applications received after August 30, 1996 will be returned without action.
In this regard, we recognize that your client’s J-1 waiver application request was submitted prior to the above date, therefore, your client’s application will be reviewed and you will be notified of the determination.
It is anticipated that this policy review will continue through the end of the year. Upon completion of this review, this Office will advise you of the future status of the policy.
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