J1 Waivers for Learning Disability - J1 Visa Waivers

J1 Waivers for Learning Disability

At Ranchod Law Group we  have been successful in obtaining approval for J-1 Hardship Waivers and we would like to share one of our success stories. Most recently we successfully completed an application for a J-1 Visa holder who needed help staying in the in the United States due to the fact that he could not leave his family while he performed his mandatory, two year period of living outside of the U.S. in his home country of Jordan. He had two children who were born in the United States while he was studying here in J-1 status. Both the applicant and his wife were in J visa status.

The applicant’s youngest son had been recently diagnosed with a disorder for which, with research, we found to be difficult to treat in Jordan. We researched and obtained extensive documentation to show that treatment was not available as well as asking for and receiving important documentation and opinions from nationally known experts in the field of this particular disorder in order to prepare the most compelling and complete application package possible.

The Ranchod Law Group has successfully handled J-1 Visa hardship Waiver cases over the years and our experience can be the key to your success. If you think you might qualify for a Waiver of your J-1 Visa home residency requirement based on hardship, please contact our team at 916-613-3553 , we would enjoy discussing your possibilities with you.