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Avvo.com 5 star Review for Kaushik Ranchod of the Ranchod Law Group
5 star review of a satisfied Client on Avvo.com

“I’m extremely grateful for Mr. Kaushik Ranchod’s office. Mr. Ranchod was very helpful, and I am very impressed by Ms. Melissa Oklan as she was just wonderful. They both had great experience in J1 waiver. They helped me file for J1 visa waiver under persecution and she was always attentive to details and responsive to my emails and questions. More importantly, she was always nice and professional and very supportive in this hard long process. She and Mr. Ranchod has done a great and wonderful job with my application. They have always been courteous and dealt with me in the uttermost professionalism. I am still working with them on the process and they have been on the top of their case. I really strongly recommend Mr. Ranchod and Ms. Oklan as immigration lawyers.”

5 Star Review
Listed on Avvo.com

“I’m thankful for Melissa Oklan and Kaushik Ranchod for their outstanding service in my J-1 exceptional hardship waiver. Their professional approach is superb and they helped me through every step in this long process.
They have built a strong case, filed it in a timely manner, and followed up with me regularly. Actually, Melissa Oklan went further step and had direct communications with my employer regarding my J-1 waiver, which was very helpful to keep my job.
I strongly recommend Melissa Oklan and Kaushik Ranchod for J-1 waiver giving their extensive experience.”


“I just can’t thank Melissa Oklan and Mr. Ranchod enough for their help in securing a J-1 exceptional hardship waiver for me. The revenues of this success are immense and without their support, my family and I could have been separated for two years.

I’m aware that a J-1 waiver based on exceptional hardship to US citizen is extremely rare and difficult to handle. It requires extensive experience and diligence. Majority of immigration lawyers refuse to handle a J-1 waiver case because of the complexities involved. Ranchod Law Group has been very successful handling such waivers and I am very happy that I decided to work with them in preparing and arguing my case.

Mr. Ranchod is a really experienced immigration lawyer and very patient as well. Melissa was very dedicated in preparing my case and handling every question I had very efficiently. She was very knowledgeable about what we should do to present the case in its best shape. Melissa did a very terrific job filing my case in a very short time (2-3 weeks), she is a very professional attorney.

I’m incredibly grateful to the Ranchod Law Group for all their help and quality service, and will definitely recommend them to anyone seeking a J-1 waiver.

It has been a privilege and honor to work with The Ranchod Law Group.”

Diaa El-Din Mustafa
Posted on Avvo.com October 5, 2016

“We could not have done it without you. We very much appreciate the effort and the successful outcome. As a result of bringing the doctor into our Center practice, he will be able to care for about 1,500 patients who would otherwise have likely struggled to access medical care. That’s a lot of people for our community and he will really be able to make a difference for them.”


“I came across their group on the internet and contacted them for a visa waiver application in 11/2014. Kaushik had spoken with me twice to go over the merits of the application free of cost and in a timely manner which led me to have their firm represent me. Melissa Oklan, who is another attorney in their group primarily worked on my case.

We started working on the case since 12/2014.

Melissa was very thorough in her instructions and answered my questions satisfactorily. We were able to submit application in early 04/2015. Time after that was difficult as the waiver process took almost twice as long. Finally received the waiver in last week of 12/2015. During final month, I was speaking with Melissa about once a week. She understood my frustration and was very patient with all my calls and questions. Overall, I had very satisfactory experience and I’d recommend their service without any reservations.”

J1 visa waiver application

“The Ranchod Law Group has a great team. They helped me get a J-1 visa waiver, which is usually a complicated and long process. They walked me through every step, and with their help I was able to get a positive decision in a record time. Also, throughout the entire process Melissa, and Kaushik were very open and transparent about everything, which helped me gain an understanding of how these things work, which I appreciate. Thanks to Ranchod Law Group I was able to stay in the US with my family, and be there for the birth of my first daughter. I will forever be thankful for that.”

– Michael S

“We cannot thank Ranchod Law Group enough for their help and successfully getting our J-1 waiver case approved. The benefits of this success are immense and without that, my family and I could have been separated for two years.

I found The Ranchod Law Group after a long search and contacting about two-dozen different lawyers (including some very famous law firms in the nation) over a course of more than 6 months.

Our case was a “J-1 Waiver” (NOT based on No Objection Statement). This kind of case is exceedingly rare and is one of the most difficult cases in all of the immigration law. Most general immigration lawyers will not handle a J-1 waiver case because of the complexities involved. I did hours and hours of research on the internet on this subject and tried to find lawyers that have experience in this type of case. It’s my finding that there are definitely not more than a handful that have “good experience” in this kind of case. Without a doubt, Ranchod Law Group is one of them.

The most difficult part of this search is that, unfortunately, there are some general immigration lawyers with no experience in this kind of case that will take it for a fee regardless. When they lose because of lack of experince, they blame the inevitable defeat on the government. I tried to make sure they have first-hand experience of handling such cases by asking several specific questions in the first consultation call I had. The other problem is that some of those experienced attorneys charge very unreasonably outrageous fees given the rare nature of these cases.

During my first phone call, I spoke with Michael and understood that they have a professional team in the office. We made an appointment to have a consultation with Kaushik and ask my questions. During my inteview and based on my experience of talking to about two-dozen lawyers, I could feel that Kaushik is very professional and more importantly has good experiences in this type of case. Another positive point of our first discussion is that he was also completely upfront and honest about no guarantees in any difficult cases like this. He also provided me with a very reasonable fee for the level of difficulty of this case compared to general immigration cases.

This kind of application required a lot of work, both on our part and the attorney’s part. We mainly worked with Melissa, the associate attorney who was very dedicated in preparing the case. She was very knowledgeable about what we should do to present our case in its best form and during the 3 months of case preparation process, she answered my various questions regarding the details very efficiently. This process did not take longer than the timeline that Kaushik had initially sketched.

I also found Kaushik to be really professional and patient. Due to a misunderstanding of the process on our side, we developed some concerns and contacted Kaushik to express our concern. He listened to my concern with patience, responded very calmly and told me that he will follow up. We were later contacted by Melissa and she explained the missunderstanding and we were really grateful for their professional and respectful behaviour and customer service.

The only thing that was less than a really perfect experience was that a few times our phone appointments were missed by staff and we had to call them to remind about our appointment.

Again, we are incredibly grateful to the Ranchod Law Group for all their help and quality service, and will definitely recommend them to anyone seeking a J-1 waiver.”

– Sam S.

I wanted to take the time to thank you for your services.
Ben had no idea that he needed a ‘no objection letter.’
Thanks again, both Ben and I wish you the best in your future.
Best Regards,”

– Janet & Ben

“I was applying for my waiver and looking for a good lawyer to help me with the process. I came across Kaushik’s name on the website and after speaking to him, I was assured that I had found the right lawyer to help me. Both Kaushik and Chris were very patient, answered all my questions over an over again. I am very pleased with the services and would recommend them to my friends.”

– Dr. Sunaina

“Hi Kaushik
Thanks again for the great job you did! It change my mood, my life and my plans! Look forward to stay here!!!!
Thanks so much”

– Federica U.

“I had a good experience with my visa processing with Ranchod Law Group.

My J1 waiver paperwork was filed accurately & more importantly in a timely manner, considering the competitive nature in getting a waiver approval in the state of California.

All my queries were answered appropriately and satisfactorily.

During the filing of my H1 & my wife’s H4 too, there were no issues. The evidence needed by the USCIS was also furnished in a timely manner which resulted in my obtaining the approval notice successfully in a timely manner.

I look forward to continued collaboration with them on my green card filing & the future immigration matters. It has been a very enriching experience working with them.”

– Dr. Ranade

“Kaushik was very understanding of all the anxiety and uncertainties which I experienced during this overwhelmingly complicated J-1 Waiver paperwork process. Besides filing my J-1 Conra 30 Waiver, he took the time out to explain why things need to be done in a certain way. He always returned my calls and e-mails within a short period of time, which was refreshing. I would strongly recommend The Ranchod group to all my friends due to my own delightful experience with them.”

– Dr. Bharath

“Dear Kaushik Ranchod,
Thank you for expediting the process of my visa application. I am really impressed by how thorough and meticulous your preparation was – my visa came through earlier than the customary two weeks. Your personal attention to the case and the level of commitment is a rarity. Thank you so much!”

– Subha

“Hi Kaushik,
I wish to say THANK YOU for being my immigration attorney and being so accessible and helpful in getting my immigration status cleared. Any time I hear someone talk of needing an immigration attorney, I will quickly tell them how good you are.

– Deepak

“It was a pleasure dealing with Kaushik Ranchod regarding my immigration matters. He was very prompt and accurate with all the paperwork, well abreast of latest BCIS policies, and gave appropriate advise on immigration issues. I will most definitely retain his services in the future, if need arises.”

– Rajeev

“Dear Kaushik :
Your services have not only been professional but also very personal. It is a rare combination these days because you find people are “very professional and cold” or “warm and unprofessional.” I do appreciate your sensitivity to my situation and pulling me through it. I will recommend you to my friends and approach you again if I need further legal help. Take good care and I hope that God continues to bless you a hundred fold more!!!”

– Mary G.

“Mr. Ranchod quickly assessed my situation and then delivered his research on my legal status the same day that I met with him. He prepared my paperwork efficiently with a minimum of trouble to me or my employer and the visa was delivered as promised in exactly the time that he predicted it would take. He was courteous as well as friendly at all times.”

– Mr. Chatterjee

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