J Hardship Waiver Approval Success Story
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J Hardship Waiver Approval Success Story for Client from South Asia

Filed: May 22, 2017
RFE: Issued November 17, 2017
RFE Responded to Within Deadline in January 2018
Approved: August 16, 2018

The facts about this case

  • Client is from a country in South Asia.
  • Spouse is on a J2 Visa.
  • The couple has an elementary school aged child.

In this case there were a number of key factors based on the economical and political situation in the country, namely:

  • political turbulence;
  • economic crises;
  • sharp inflation;
  • humanitarian crisis;
  • critical shortage of daily necessities;
  • unavailability of medical care;
  • unavailability of essential medicines;
  • absence of clean water and food;
  • infrastructure issues;
  • lack of education.

All these factors would have an exceptionally negative effect on the child’s safety, health, education, well-being, development, and mental health and would create a situation of extreme hardship.

Here at the The Ranchod Law Group, we relied heavily on our ability to argue the case and document all these negative aspects and conditions the family would experience and endure.

I-612 Hardship Waiver Approval Notice - The Ranchod Law Group
I-612 Approval Notice: Hardship Waiver

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