Is your J1 visa expiring?

Learn how to file for a J1 Conrad 30 Waiver in 2018 before the 30 spots are filled!

Clinics and Health Care Facilities are having an increasing need to hire international medical graduates, and with Obamacare the Physician Shortage is only going to increase. As reported by Forbes magazine in September 2013, an estimated 7 million previously uninsured Americans will have coverage and that number will jump to 20 million by 2016.

Health Care Facilities or Recruiters will be seeking you out if you are able to solve the problem of getting J1 waiver.

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There is a way to not only stay in the U.S. but also eventually get your green card even if you have a J1 visa.


Hello, this is Kaushik Ranchod, author of “Foreign Medical Graduate Hiring Made Easy.” Over a decade ago I began my immigration law practice. Doctors and health care facilities were contacting our firm to find qualified foreign physicians and doctors were contacting me because they needed to get a J1 waiver and were willing to work for a health care facility in a rural and/or “health care professional shortage area.” I started to coach one of the largest health care recruiting firms on immigration issues for physicians because they noticed a sharp increase for their need for foreign medical graduate physicians. I quickly realized that many facilities and doctors were not getting their questions answered correctly because of the unique and complicated nature of J1 Waiver law.

When I first started preparing these J1 waiver and H1B applications it was overwhelming. Unlike other areas of law, policies were less than transparent. Each state has its own unique policies. Through trial and error I was able to come up with a blue print to make applying for the J1 waiver application a seamless process.

Need a J1 Hardship Waiver?


Our firm provides a turnkey service for all of your immigration and J1 waiver requirements

I would like to invite you to become a client of our law firm.

By hiring our firm you will not be overspending on legal fees or paying for your attorney to learn the details of Immigration Law for the medical field. Because our law firm focuses on Foreign Medical Graduate Immigration Law we are able to keep our overhead to a minimum and pass our savings on to you.

If you are a doctor applying for the J1 Waiver Conrad 30 program, you may know that each state only has 30 J1 waiver opportunities available. Our niche focus allows us to spot issues before they become major problems.

Additionally through our J1 waiver blue print we are able to minimize the amount of time it takes to file your J1 waiver application to claim one of the 30 opportunities.


When you retain our firm we will prepare all the required documents and respond to all requests made by the government to remove one more headache from your busy day:

We file a fully prepared J1 waiver application that fulfills the State Health Departments requirements.

The J1 waiver packet includes the following:

  1. Company Support Letter
  2. Prevailing Wage Analysis
  3. Recruitment Report
  4. Prepare DS 3035 form with the Department of State
  5. Draft 4 Attestations as required
  6. Perform, where required, a demographic and needs analysis
  7. Review employment contract for appropriate J1 waiver language

Our firm provides you with a free appeal guarantee (Click here for details).

“Dear Kaushik Ranchod,
Thank you for expediting the process of my visa application. I am really impressed by how thorough and meticulous your preparation was – my visa came through earlier than the customary two weeks. Your personal attention to the case and the level of commitment is a rarity. Thank you so much!”

- Subha

“I had a good experience with my visa processing with Ranchod Law Group.
My J1 waiver paperwork was filed accurately & more importantly in a timely manner, considering the competitive nature in getting a waiver approval in the state of California.

All my queries were answered appropriately and satisfactorily.

During the filing of my H1 & my wife’s H4 too, there were no issues. The evidence needed by the USCIS was also furnished in a timely manner which resulted in my obtaining the approval notice successfully in a timely manner.

I look forward to continued collaboration with them on my green card filing & the future immigration matters. It has been a very enriching experience working with them.”

- Dr. Ranade


Call me, Kaushik Ranchod, at 916-613-3553 between 9:00 to 6:30 and say “tell me more about the Foreign Medical Graduate Immigration Process and what your firm can do to help me.”, or email me at for your complimentary copy of my book.

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