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What Is USCIS Form I-797?

The Form I-797 is a form that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) uses to keep applicants informed about their application status. There are a total of seven variations of the form (each denoted by a letter suffix), each indicating different purposes and updates related to an individual’s immigration case.

Understanding the Different Variants of Form I-797

Form I-797 (No suffix)

This initial form means that the USCIS has received or approved an application. It’s commonly referred to as a receipt notice or approval notice and provides crucial information like the receipt number, which is needed to track the status of your case.

Form I-797A

This form serves as a replacement for Form I-94: Arrival/Departure Record. It’s especially crucial for non-U.S. citizens because it helps in tracking their lawful entries and departures from the U.S. Form I-797A is often needed for various legal and administrative purposes.

Form I-797B

Form I-797B is issued as an approval notice for Form I-140: Immigrant Worker Petition and confirms eligibility for an employment-based immigration visa—a significant step towards obtaining an employment-based green card.

Form I-797C

Form I797C is used to indicate changes or updates in an application’s status, such as receiving, rejecting, transferring, or reopening an application. Additionally, it often provides detailed instructions on which actions you should take next.

Form I-797D

Form I-797D is primarily used to notify applicants that their green card or work permit has been received and approved. No further action is needed on your part.

Form I-797E

Form I-797E, Request for Evidence (RFE) means that USCIS requires additional information to assess an applicant’s eligibility for an immigration benefit. If you receive this form, it’s important to respond right away to prevent any potential delays in the application process.

Form I-797F

Form I-797F is issued once Form I-131A: Application for Travel Document from overseas is approved. This form allows travel for lawful permanent residents (LPR) and individuals with Advance Parole or Employment Authorization Documents (EAD).

How an Experienced Immigration Attorney Can Help You Navigate Form I-797

Navigating the nuances of USCIS forms, especially Form I-797 with its various iterations, can be challenging. Although they include detailed instructions, which steps you’ll need to take to move forward with your application may not always be clear.

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