California Immigration Lawyer Reviews State’s J1 Waiver Process - J1 Visa Waivers
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California Immigration Lawyer Reviews State’s J1 Waiver Process

J1 Waiver Process Varies from State to State According to Immigration Lawyer

From my law offices in California, I work as an immigration lawyer with doctors
who want to practice in many different parts of the country. I thought it would give
those who are interested in applying for a J1 waiver some insight into the overall
process if I took a moment for review how the State of California operates.


The Conrad 30 State J1 waiver is for physicians who are primary care physicians
including psychiatrists, OBGYN and pediatricians. Some states will also issue a
recommendation for specialists including Hospitalists and surgeons. This program
does not cover nurses.

For the California J1 Waiver program applications are accepted starting October 1
of each year and are taken on a first come, first served basis. The state accepts 30 J1
waiver petitions each year. Last year California received 30 applications.


Those seeking a J1 waiver must:

  • Make their application through the State’s Department of Health; U.S. State
    Department and USCIS;
  • Acquire from the U.S. State Department a wavier review case number.
  • Be given a contract of employment in a medical facility in a region that is
    designated shortage area.
  • That contract must be to provide patient care for a three-year period and for
    at least 40 hours per week.

Those are the basic aspects of the application process. There are more
detailed steps involved and various necessary forms that must be submitted.

Important to be Thorough

In order to make sure that your application will have the best chance possible of
being approved, applicants must make sure that every detail is properly executed.
For this reason, many applicants will come to or contact my immigration law office
in California to consult and engage my services.

Please contact the Ranchod Law Group with offices serving San Francisco, San Jose,
and Sacramento, California, at or at 800-753-1399 if you have any questions regarding immigration law.

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