J-1 Waiver Letter of approval and success story for Client from Uzbekistan
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J-1 Waiver Success Story and Approved Notice for Client from Uzbekistan

Hi this is Kaushik Ranchod from the Ranchod Law Group welcome to our immigration show! Today we’re going to talk about a J-1 Waiver success story, where the client is from Uzbekistan. Here we were able to prove Exceptional Hardship and get the case of proof by demonstrating Exceptional Hardship to the USCIS because:

  1. They have two US citizen children and if the children were separated for their parents of course would be Exceptional Hardship. Even if they went with one parent to Uzbekistan and one parent would remain in the United States, there would be Exceptional Hardship due to the separation and also because of the dangerous country conditions as well.
  2. And then of course there would be financial Hardship. We were able to also demonstrate financial Hardship because of childcare issues. Also the US citizen is also helping provide support for his parents so although the parents are not a direct form or a direct qualifying relative for the J-1 Waiver that still can be used as totality-of-the-circumstances demonstrating a form of Exceptional Hardship and we’re also able to show that if both of them went to Uzbekistan there would also be Exceptional Hardship as well.

So I hope this video helped you if you have questions you can reach us at (916) 613-3553 we are here to help you and we look forward to discussing whether or not your case qualifies for an Exceptional Hardship J-1 Waiver. Thank you have an amazing day!

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