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Mistake #2 – Waiting too long to find a potential employer

Last year I was talking to a very bright primary care physician who wanted to start the J-1 Waiver process approximately one month prior to completing residency.  Unfortunately for this doctor, I had to explain to him that he may need to return to his home country and wait for the J-1 waiver to be approved (since it takes the State Health Department, Department of State, and USCIS 2.5-7 months to adjudicate a J-1 Conrad 30 Waiver application).

In order to avoid this mistake, you should start the job search one year before completing residency.  For instance, if you are completing residency in July 2012, you should commence your job search ideally on July 1, 2011. Consequently, I recommend that you file your J-1 Waiver application early in the application cycle which will increase your employment opportunities and likelihood of obtaining a J-1 Waiver.  

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