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I-612 Waiver Approval and Success Story

I-612 Waiver Approval Notice (Filed on 1/2/2018, Approved on 2/4/2019)

  • Date Filed: 1/2/2018
  • Date Approved: 2/4/2019

The Ranchod Law Group was able to get the case approved even though there was Government Financing1.

The Facts About this Approval

  • Applicant has two U.S. citizen children from a relationship he had while in the U.S.
  • Is now married to a U.S. citizen
  • He is the stepfather of his wife’s children from her prior marriage.

The Ranchod Law Group argued numerous factors in this case which would contribute to a finding of exceptional hardship whether:

  • applicant returned to his home country on his own for two years;
  • his qualifying relatives (wife and two children) tried to relocate for the two-year period.

Applicant’s wife has received therapy in the past which we argued is relevant in both scenarios

We maintained:

  • J-1 Visa Success Story: Egyptian national, Form I-612 Waiver Approval
  • If waiver were denied, Applicant would not be able to see his children from his prior relationship.
  • If his wife relocated, she wouldn’t be able to see her own children.
  • If waiver was denied, the wife and children would all lose their health coverage which is provided by Applicant’s employment.
  • Applicant’s wife is a student, unemployed, and completely financially dependent on Applicant, a role he could not fulfill from abroad.
  • Applicant couldn’t meet his child support payments from abroad.

approvals are currently taking around 17.5 months

We were pleased with the comparably quick turnaround.

(1) – The participation in an exchange program financed by an agency of the United States Government or the government of the country of citizenship or nationality or last foreign residence, for the purpose of promoting international education and cultural exchange.Click here to return to the note.

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