I-612 Waivers: Hardship Waiver Letter of Approval for Canadian Native
j1 and j2 Waivers

I-612 Hardship Waiver Approval Success Story for Canadian Native

I-612 Hardship Waiver Approval Notice for a Native Canadian Client (Form I-797,. Notice of Action)
I-612 Hardship Waiver Letter of Approval for a medical geneticist Canadian native client
Our Canadian native client is a medical specialist who was pregnant with her first child when she contacted our firm to file her J-1 waiver case.

We proved that our client’s United States Citizen husband and his United States Citizen parents would suffer exceptional hardship if she returned to her home country of Canada to fulfill the two-year foreign residency requirement and if her husband were to relocate to Canada with her.

Her spouse would be devastated because of his inability to continue his career abroad and because of the couple’s obligations to his elderly sick American parents. He had sacrificed so much to become a United States board certified specialist (spending 14 years in education and training) and is unable to practice in Canada.

Furthermore, he had mental health issues including generalized anxiety disorder. Any other scenario aside from an approval of this waiver would be severely detrimental to his mental health and ability to function.

Finally, he would not send his wife to Canada to be a single mother to their child, he would not remain in the United States separated from his wife and child, nor would he separate the child from its mother and send his wife to Canada by herself.

Our client is one among the severe shortage of medical specialists.

Current wait times to be seen by this specialist for initial evaluations is up to 11 weeks. If consulted and seen early, therapies can be put into place to prevent further damage to overall health.

Fortunately, because of her J-1 approval our client can continue helping a vulnerable population.

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